Welcome to Child’s Play Consultancy

Child’s Play Consultancy assists you to develop profitable, unique and appealing early childhood and education settings that are inspirational.


Playground Design – Carefully considered playground designs include intriguing elements that inspire children’s imaginations. Playground designs include natural elements and values of eco awareness.

Administration Support – Childsplay Consultancy has the knowledge and experience to ensure your centre meets all requirements. Operational audits are a strength and can save you thousands of dollars every year.

Training – Child’s Play Consultancy has the experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your team is confident and competent in implementing all aspects of the NQF.

Presentations – Engage Pam Maclean for your next conference, workshop or seminar. Benefit from Pam’s energetic speaking style across a broad range of topics. Discuss your topic options with Pam.

Educational Resources – Visit our resources and browse through the catalogue. Take a peek!

No one has yet fully realised the wealth of sympathy, kindness, and generosity hidden in the sole of the child. The effort of every true educator Should be to unlock that treasure.           Emma Goldman

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